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  • 2012
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    Send your Donations

    Support the activities of the Union Of Inventors by sending your donations:

    1/- Organization of the annual international exhibition of inventions in Marrakech, Morocco.

    2/- Support for inventors to apply for new invention patents and industrialization of new products.

    3/- Publish books and journals in the field of inventions.

    4/- Give the Prize "Union Of Inventors" to the most ingenious inventions to encourage and stimulate inventors creativity.



    Registration system 

    With our new registration system, join us, participate in various activities, enjoy many advantages and reveal your hidden talents.




    Register and access the forum which offers a platform for sharing information and experience on everything related to inventions, from the idea to the prototype, industrialization and commercialization of the product.




    Are you satisfied with the Union of inventors?

    Do make your relationships take advantage from that too!

    For 100 new registrations thanks to you, get your VIP registration




    Discover the tips and enjoy several options in our website:

    1/- express your desire to participate in an inventions competition or an inventions exhibition and be the first notified,

    2/- use our website to send your invention, to evaluate it by experts and thus benefit from professional support for its realization: prototype, industrialization, marketing, etc.

    3/- send your e-mail address to our newsletter and receive the latest news